About Returns/Refunds/Exchanges

Marina Burkini can provide only refunds only for orders which hasn’t given to the shipment company. You can contact us through the following ways to request refund:

Instagram: marina.burkini

Email: info@marinaburkini.com (Recommended)

Important: We don’t provide refunds for any order which has given to shipment company at all.

Marina Burkini provides exchanges for those who want to change their products in 14 days. We exchange products if you report us that you want to exchange the product in 14 days after you received it. The consumer will need to return to product us if he/she wants the exchange process to begin. After the company receives the product, the new shipment will be sent to her/him.

Marina Burkini is not responsible for the shipping fee when you return the product. The company also doesn’t provide free returns for consumers. The consumer will need to notify us about the exchange request through a mailing to

Email: info@marinaburkini.com

After the email notification and after you get a confirmation from our marketing manager. You will need to send the product to following address:

Anadolu Neighborhood Yoncalı Havuz Street Günpa Business Center Floor 2 16270 Yıldırım / Bursa / TURKIYE

Sender of the product is responsible with paying customs taxes. So we recommend you to select a shipping company which you will able to track customs issues. We are not going to receive products which has customs taxes on it.

Exchanged products should have equivalent or lower value with the new order of the consumer.